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22 Bold Predictions for the Future of Experience

From new variants and vaccines to changing public health guidance across every part of the globe, it's hard to know what's coming next. The customer journey has been forever altered.

To get — and to stay — ahead, brands must understand their customers and employees across every touchpoint. It's the only way organizations can be ready to adapt and innovate to meet rising expectations, overcome unpredictable market conditions and deliver seamless experiences.

Here are 22 bold predictions for the future of experience to help you prepare for an uncertain world.

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What's Inside?

Medallia's senior-most leaders and experts across all major industries and regions across the globe share their predictions for the future of experience heading into 2022, along with insights into how you can begin preparing now.

  • Customer and employee experience will have greater influence over the C-Suite

  • We are the dawn of a new values-driven era that will be reflected across experiences

  • Highly skilled agents hold the keys to the modern contact center's success

  • Promises of inclusion will no longer be enough — progress must be made

  • ...and 18 more predictions and insights on how you can prepare now


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