Medallia: A Leader in Customer Experience Management

Medallia Experience Cloud tracks experience signals created on daily journeys in person, digital and IoT interactions using proprietary AI technology.

  • Leading Customer Mapping Software: Medallia’s platform gives more than just survey data -- with 80% of our signal data being non-survey, you get a comprehensive view into every aspect of the customer/employee journey.
  • Built for Action: Medallia's platform applies artificial intelligence to uncover and prioritize the most pressing customer and employee issues through the analysis of massive amounts of comments and feedback, allowing you to determine the right action for each touchpoint and journey.
  • Integration: Connect any system to Medallia and vice versa. Get a real-time, total view of the customer and employee experience.

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Medallia Experience Cloud

  • B2B Customer Experience Management: Understand performance across every interaction of the B2B customer journey to create long-term loyalty. Find out how your customers feel about your brand through intuitive customer surveys and insight.
  • B2C Customer Experience Management: Engage with customers on any channel: responsive and branded email surveys, mobile in-app feedback, SMS and messaging channels, social feedback and reviews, and more.
  • Employee Experience: Empower managers and leaders to continuously monitor, measure and analyze their employees’ experiences in real time. Listen and act on employee feedback to improve happiness and productivity.
  • Product Experience: Capture customer feedback related to product features, services, installation, pricing and more for both digital and physical products


5 Ways Experience Signals are Shaping the Future of CX

Learn more about the different types of signals that can give you a better view of your customer, increase loyalty, and accelerate business impact.




"The huddles are infectious, just like the Medallia platform. The employees feel empowered and know they are heard."

Graham Tutton
Vice President of Customer Insights, Comcast

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Medallia - Customers
Medallia - Customers