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From Good to Great: A 5-Part Series on Transforming your Contact Center to Deliver the Best Customer and Agent Experiences

Watch Rachel Lane, Senior Solutions Principal for Medallia's Contact Center Practice in a 5-session enablement series where you will learn how to unleash the power of your Contact Center data and insights to enhance customer and employee experiences and capture greater impact through real time insights and innovation.

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Session 1: How to quickly identify self-service opportunities in your data

More than ever customers want the ability to self-serve and the contact center is key to catching service failures. Learn how to determine your top reasons for digital deflection and its impact on your business in the first of a 5-week enablement series.

Session 2: How to collect and mine your contact center data to drive impactful service recovery

Your customer data holds many secrets. With the help of analytics tools and models, any organization can now use past and current data to reliably forecast trends and behaviors seconds, days, or years into the future. Use this data to create a proactive customer retention program.

Session 3: How to make data seamless across a best-in-class multi-vendor platform

The single vendor contact center platform is dead. Contact centers are asking for best-in-class cloud SaaS (CCaaS) solutions for each product from call recording to live chat, but do the benefits truly outweigh the effort?

Joining Rachel for Session 3 is Nick Glimsdahl, Director of Contact Center Solutions at VDS. Nick is a speaker, podcast host, contact center strategist, and author. His mission is to bring together customer expectations, employee needs, and business objectives to create a seamless experience.

Session 4: How to empower people effectiveness for proactive front-line action

In today's competitive market every customer engagement is critical. How do you ensure that your front-line service is continuously optimized at scale while training is geared to a personal level, ensuring each agent is getting the knowledge they need whether they are working in the center or remotely?

Session 5: How to take action on the powerful combination of employee and customer data

We keep hearing that happy employees make happy customers but that’s not always the case. Join this session to learn how to bring CX and EX together to truly understand total impact across the enterprise and get top tips on convincing data owners in your business to unlock their data for greater value.



Rachel Lane
Senior Solutions Principal, Contact Center Practice