Powerful Insights for CX Teams

Watch Medallia experts in this 3-part CX Essentials series where you will learn how to easily gain access to actionable, consumable insights and place it in the hands of everyone who touches the customer experience thus enabling your organization to drive greater impact and fuel meaningful business growth.

Webinar Sessions - 60 minutes
Discovery Day Sessions - 30 minutes (product demo)

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Webinar 1: Fitting CX Metrics to Your Business Objectives
Session: 1 hour

Choosing appropriate CX metrics can be a tricky topic to navigate. How do you balance simplicity with the need to tailor metrics to the experience being measured? Watch to learn: how to distinguish between overall perception, end-to-end journey, and touchpoint interaction measures; the business value of combining customer feedback metrics with operational and behavioral metrics to measure success; and, how growth and efficiency are both possible as business outcomes.

Speakers: John Abraham, GM Medallia Institute and William Folsom, Sr. Manager of Customer Centric Initiatives & Experience, Aarons, Inc.

Webinar 2: How to Organize for Clear Customer Experience Ownership
Session: 1 hour

While we all believe in the adage "everyone owns the customer's experience," how can we make this a tangible part of our employees' roles and responsibilities? Find out how the most successful companies are aligning CX ownership with the natural decision-making structures within their organization, and explore how leading companies have defined CX-specific teams so that they act as critical enablers for change.

Speaker: Bill Staikos, Senior Vice President of Industry Solutions

Webinar 3: Inspiring Customer-Centric Behaviors Within Your Organization
Session: 1 hour

What is the key to driving exceptional and sustainable customer experience, despite constant change in the world around us? It is activating the untapped power of your most powerful asset: your people. In this webinar, you will learn how leading organizations use employee feedback and customer signals data to understand what's working, where there's unnecessary friction, and what aspects of the experience journey make your customers and employees engaged and devoted advocates of your brand.

David Ostberg, Ph.D., Senior Director and Solutions Principal
Robyn Guzman, Ph.D., Employee Experience Advisor
Lydia Johnson, MS, Employee Experience Advisor