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A Single Platform to Understand Employee Experience
Attract and Keep the
Best Talent
Leverage the power of feedback signals to attract, onboard, and engage employees to fuel your company's success.
Spark Unlimited
Unleash your team's greatest potential with tools that foster innovation, engagement, coaching and inclusion.
Accelerate Digital
Use real-time employee insights to uncover technology gaps, guide investments, and drive adoption and innovation.
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The Definitive Guide to Employee Experience

Unlock the power to continuously listen to, understand, and respond to your people while fostering a workforce that feels empowered, entrusted, and connected to a higher purpose.

  • Discover the exact steps top organizations are taking to elevate employee experience and improve productivity, engagement, and customer satisfaction
  • Explore how to evolve beyond annual employee surveys and build out a comprehensive employee experience strategy
  • Learn why companies need to act on employee experience ASAP
Brochure: Medallia for Employee Experience
Every day, employees run into obstacles that keep them from performing their best work. Often going unnoticed and unresolved by the organization, these challenges can lead to disengagement, low performance, high turnover, and unsatisfied customers. Companies need a way to capture not only what the company wants to hear from their employees but what their employees really want to tell them. Medallia's employee experience solutions enable you to:

  • Continuously understand and respond to employees
  • Attract and keep the best talent
  • Spark unlimited productivity
  • Accelerate digital transformation

Research Report: How COVID-19 Disrupted Employee Work Life, Safety & Perception of Employers
The Medallia Institute surveyed more than 3,800 workers across 10 industries to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them. The findings reveal insights every company must know about:

  • Transitioning to remote work and ongoing expectations
  • Concerns about returning to physical locations
  • Future priorities for the changing workplace

True or False: Survey Fatigue Is Real?
False! The only fatigue that is real is lack of action.

Hear what Medallia's employee experience expert Melissa Arronte, Ph.D. has to say about why you can never check in on your employees too much - as long as you're willing to respond to what they tell you.
"As soon as Medallia came in, I knew we had made the right decision...a partner with best-in-class technology and deep expertise to help us scale our employee feedback processes worldwide."
"The employee experience starts and ends with IT and sets the tone for the employee's journey. We can provide a seamless user experience for our entire workforce."
"Listening to our employees is one of the most important aspects of our culture. With Medallia's Micropulse, we get immediate insight on how our team can improve."
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Medallia - Customers
Medallia - Customers
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